Well, if you reached our website you probably have a general idea by now. Bitcoin is the world’s first and most popular cryptocurrency. It is decentralised digital currency, which means it works without any central authority, government or technical entity controlling it. Bitcoins were and still created by a process called mining, and the person or group that released it in 2009 set a cap of the number of Bitcoins that will ever be created. All Bitcoin transactions are done peer-to-peer - directly between users. They are verified by network nodes and recorded in a public ledger, known as blockchain. The price of the Bitcoin VS other cryptocurrencies and traditional currencies is determined by offer and demand in hundreds of exchanges that facilitate trading.
Well, it depends who you ask. There are market experts who predict the price will continue to soar to levels of $50,000 or even more. Other still consider it a bubble that will eventually crash. Naturally, we do not offer predictions of our own. Buying or selling Bitcoin is a personal choice, and one should educate himself before making a decision.
There are many. Obvious one is that the price will fall sharply due to regulatory action, technology failure, major hacks and many other possible reasons. Belong to no one and everyone, the groups that are maintaining the network can take decisions like creating other currencies using the same protocol that may affect its value and popularity. Bitcoins you own are stored in one of many wallets, and there you are also exposed to risk like cybercrime, technology failure or even simply losing access to your wallet because you forget you access codes and cannot restore it.
Ether, the main currency of the Ethereum project, is the second most popular cryptocurrency. It is about 25% in terms of market cap comparing to Bitcoin, and both together represent around two thirds of the world of cryptocurrencies in terms of value. Ether is younger than Bitcoin, and besides being a currency it is also a network that allows creating very easily applications and new currencies using smart contracts. The risks in trading Ether are similar to the Bitcoin and even bigger in terms of market recognition.
First you need an account with us. You then need to go through a simple process to verify your ID. After that all you need is to choose the amount you wish to buy and make the payment in one of several simple ways we offer - bank transfer, credit card or cash. All is explained and offered in a very clear way during the process.
NO. THEY ARE ESTIMATES THAT TAKE INTO ACCOUNT THE CURRENT MARKET RATE AND OUR COMMISSION. Unlike some other service providers we do not use “rate locking” system or other complicated and non-transparent methods. It’s very simple: once we receive the funds from you, we buy the amount you asked for at the best rate available at that moment in the exchanges we work with, after deducting our commission. You will then see in your account a clear breakdown of the execution rate and our commission. That’s it.
Each amount you buy using VerifiedBuy is transferred to a wallet of your choice, as defined by you before buying. There are many Bitcoin and Ether wallets in the market. We refrain from recommending one and advise you to do a basic market research. If you don’t have a wallet or having a difficulty choosing one, we can create a wallet for you for free. We do not store your wallet information, and this is your responsibility to keep your private key safe.
It all depends on the time you made the order and the time we confirmed receiving your funds. During business hours it should take too long, but as we are dependant on external exchanges and blockchain network loads we prefer not to guarantee delivery time. Still, if you don’t see it in your wallet after one business day, give us a call or send us an email.