Privacy Policy

  1. This policy applies to information we gather when you approach the website www.verifiedbuy.com (“the Website”), use it and perform services of sale/purchase of digital currency by it, including in the framework of providing frontal and/or other service, including information created in the framework of any relation and/or communication which will take place between you and Verifiedbuy and/or anyone on its behalf (hereinafter: “the Service”).
  2. If you are under the age of 18, you are forbidden from registering to the Service and you must not provide your personal details to the Service.
  3. We may amend the privacy policy from time to time. If we make changes, we will notify you by changing the date at the top of this policy, and under certain circumstances, we may provide you with another notice, including, for example, by adding a declaration to the Verifiedbuy services homepage or by sending email notices.
  4. We recommend that you view the privacy policy each time you approach or use Verifiedbuy Services in order to remain updated regarding our information procedures and your privacy rights and your selections.
  5. Gathering Personal Information
    We gather information that you provide us directly. For example, we gather information about you when you create an online account, complete a transaction, fill in a KYC form (know your client) including via communication with us and/or otherwise.
  6. The Types of Information We May Gather
    1. Contact details, such as your name, address, telephone number and your email address.
    2. Financial information, such as bank account numbers, credit card numbers and account details of virtual currency.
    3. Government identification numbers, such as an ID number or an identification card number issued by the state.
    4. Biographic or demographic information, such as your date of birth, gender, profession, employment status and any other information which you shall choose to provide regarding yourself
    5. Information we gather from Other Sources – we may also receive information from other sources and incorporate it with the information we gather via the Website and/or the Service. For example, we may gather personal information, which is not personally yours by a third party, including identity verification services and such.
    6. Information we Gather Automatically – when you approach the Verifiedbuy Service or use it, we gather information automatically in the following manner:
      1. Transaction Details: we gather information of the transaction you will complete using the Service, including the amount of funds attributed to the trade, the types of transactions performed and other information of transactions.
      2. Information of the Device and the Log: we gather information about the computer you use in order to approach the Verifiedbuy Services, including the IP address, the domain name which enabled you access to the Service, and the geographic location of the computer system you use when entering the Service, or when using the Service.
        Verifiedbuy may track additional information, related to you, when you operate and approach the Service, such as the frequency and scope of your use of the Service, the type of operating system and the type of browser you use. In addition, we are updated regarding information of your use of the Verifiedbuy Services, including access times, pages viewed, other standard internet log data, and the page viewed before and after navigating to your Website.
      3. Cookies and Similar Tracking Technologies: we may use cookie files, pixel tags, internet beams and other tracking technologies in order to gather information about you when interacting with the Verifiedbuy Services, including information about your manner of surfing our Verifiedbuy Services. Cookie files are small data files which are sent from our internet servers to the computer and which enable us, for example, to track how you reached the Verifiedbuy Services, when you return, which pages in the Verifiedbuy Services you view, and to identify you as online when requesting a page request from your browser.
    7. If you are not a registered use, we will not knowingly make any use of the information, identified with you personally, apart from as stated specifically in this policy, or on the Website.
    8. Additional information may be gathered when you engage with Verifiedbuy, for example, when you send a request or create an account.
  7. KYC – Know Your Client
    1. Verifiedbuy acts in accordance with severe rules of compliance being a reporting financial institution;therefore, the provision of the Service by Verifiedbuy is subject to filling a KYC (Know Your Client) form, which purpose is preventing money laundering and financing terror, as well as identifying you.
    2. In the aforementioned form, you will be required to provide Verifiedbuy with identifying details (sometimes via two identification cards such as a driving license and an ID), provide your background, details about the beneficiary in the account, the expected scope of financial activity and such (view the KYC form).
    3. As stated, filling a KYC form constitutes an inseparable part of the process of opening an account and providing the Service, and you undertake to act in accordance with the instructions of Verifiedbuy with regards to performing the Service, and provide complete, correct and accurate information as required in the KYC form. If you fail to complete filling the KYC form properly, you may not use the Service and/or perform any other action in the account.
    4. We may require you to send additional information about yourself or about your business, provide records, and arrange meetings with the Verifiedbuy teams (this process: “Improved Due Diligence”). Verifiedbuy reserves the right to charge you with costs resulting from the stated.
    5. Verifiedbuy ensures cases where there was a change to the ownership of an account, the beneficiaries, the holders of controlling interests in case of a corporation, or an activity which is inconsistent with your initial declaration, including a discrepancy between what is declared in the process of creating the account and the process of recognition via the KYC form, and your current activity in the account. In these cases, you are required to perform a Know Your Client process again, by re-filling the KYC form.
    6. Providing information for the purpose of using the Website or the Services depends on you desire and consent and you have no legal obligation to provide information as stated. You declare that by opening the account and providing details as part of the KYC form, and by using the Website, you provide information out of your own will and your free and full consent.
    7. If you are not interested in providing information as stated, do not use the Website or the Services. Information as stated is required for the purpose of verifying your identity, mailing you and having direct contact with you, improving data, providing the Services, as well as for complying with the various provisions of the law and further purposes as set forth in clause 9 hereinafter.
    8. You hereby declare, confirm and agree, that Verifiedbuy shall be entitled to report details about you and/or about the Service and/or about the transaction which you will perform by it and/or details from the KYC form which will be filled by you, directly to the relevant authorities and/or enforcement factors (globally), and you declare, confirm and undertake that you do not and will not have any arguments and/or requests and/or claims with regards to reporting as stated, whether the report is based on a judicial order and/or the request of any authority and/or by any law and/or at the sole and absolute discretion of Verifiedbuy.
  8. What is Done or May Be Done with the Personal Information
    1. Verifiedbuy may use the personally identified information for the following purposes:
      1. Provide the Service and operate the Website.
      2. Improve and adapt your personal experience with the Service and the Website
      3. Provide you with support and response to inquiries.
      4. Send you updates and notices, in order to provide you with information regarding the Service or the Website, and provide you with additional marketing and advertising material. At any time, you are entitled to cancel your involvement in the email mailing lists, by changing your preferences in your personal account.
      5. Assist the engagement between you and Verifiedbuy.
      6. Enforce the Verifiedbuy terms of use.
      7. Contact you when Verifiedbuy believes it is necessary;
      8. Comply with any law and assist the law authorities as required.
      9. Collect debts and commissions, and prevent frauds, embezzlements, violations, identity thefts and any other inappropriate and/or illegal use of the Website or the Service.
      10. Take any action in case of a dispute, or any legal action of any type whatsoever between you and Verifiedbuy, or between you and other users or third partys, with regards to or pertaining to the Service or the use of the Website
  9. How Verifiedbuy Uses the Gathered Information
    1. Verifiedbuy and/or anyone on its behalf is subject to stern regulation and may use anonymous, statistical information or information gathered regarding the Service and the use of the Website, including any information gathered and pertaining to your personal account, and to share, advertise, distribute, send or use any other means of communication or enable this information to any other body and/or authority and/or third party, at Verifiedbuy's discretion
  10. The Cases in which Verifiedbuy will Share Gathered Information with Others
    1. On principle, Verifiedbuy does not sell, rent or lease the information identified personally with you to a third party. Verifiedbuy may share personally identified information with others in each of the following cases and at its sole discretion:
      1. When you use the Service. In this case, Verifiedbuy will share information about you only to the necessary extent in order to enable your use of the Service
      2. If Verifiedbuy believes that you have violated the terms of use, or have abused your rights in order to use the Service or the Website, or you have performed any action or omission which Verifiedbuy believes to be violating the law or regulations. Verifiedbuy may share information about you in these cases, with the law authorities and other authorities as well as with other bodies, as shall be required for handling any outcome of your abuse;
      3. If Verifiedbuy is required, or believes it is required, by law, to share or expose information pertaining to you
      4. Send you updates and notices, in order to provide you with information regarding the Service or the Website, and to provide you with additional marketing and advertising material. At any time, you are entitled to cancel your inclusion in the email mailing lists, by changing your preferences in your personal account. In any case, Verifiedbuy will not share the details identified with you personally with advertisers, without your personal consent.
      5. In any case of dispute, or any legal proceeding of any type between you and Verifiedbuy, or between you and other users or bodies, with regards to or pertaining to the Service or the Website;
      6. In any case Verifiedbuy believes that sharing the information is necessary in order to prevent imminent physical damage or damage to property
      7. In case Verifiedbuy organizes the operation of the Service or the Website under a different framework, or via a different legal structure or legal entity, or if Verifiedbuy is purchasedor merged with another entity, but assuming that these entities agree with the provision of this policy, up to changes taken into account;
      8. Verifiedbuy may share information personally identified with companies or organizations which are related to it, or are its partners, such as subsidiaries, sister companies and parent companies.
    2. The list of cases is not closed and depends on circumstances and the absolute discretion of Verifiedbuy with regards to each case and its circumstances.
  11. Accessibility and Updating Personal Information
    1. If you are registered to the Service and you have an account, you may access your personal account and edit or change your personal information at any time.
    2. If you find that the information in your personal account is inaccurate, incomplete or outdated, you must make any change necessary in order to amend it.
    3. Please remember that false, incorrect or outdated information may prevent you from registering to the Service, and damage Verifiedbuy's ability to provide you with the Service and contact you.
  12. Storing Information
    Verifiedbuy reserves the right to examine, save and expose, at any time, any information, when we see the need to meet any law, regulation, legal proceeding or request from a government body, as well as for Verifiedbuy's internal needs. On the other hand, by doing so, Verifiedbuy does not confirm, declare or assume in any manner whatsoever, express or implied, of its responsibility for such information.
  13. Information Security
    Verifiedbuy applies information security systems and processes in order to secure the information saves on its servers. These systems and processes reduce the risk of security holes, but do not provide absolute protection. Therefore, Verifiedbuy cannot guarantee that the Service or the Website will be immune to unauthorized access to the information stored herein and other information security risks.
  14. Use of Cookies
    1. Verifiedbuy may use cookies for the purpose of operating the Service and the Website. Cookies are information packages, sent by the Verifiedbuy servers to your internet browser, and later on sent back by the browser. Verifiedbuy may be assisted by cookies for various purposes, such as saving you the need to re-type your password every time you enter the Service, realize the use of the Service and the Website, gather information for statistical and analytical purposes, ensure information , personally adapt the Service and the Website to your personal preferences and for information security purposes.
    2. The validity of some of the cookiesmay expire upon the termination of the use when you leave the browser. It is possible other cookies will be kept on your hard drive. If you are interested in blocking the cookies, please use the help button on your browser, and follow the necessary instructions. However, take into account that blocking cookies ay complicate or even prevent your use of the Service and the Website, or certain features.
  15. Third Party Websites and Services
    We do not bear responsibility for the use of any information whatsoever by third parties or external factors, and we cannot guarantee the third parties privacy policy. The Services may link to websites or services belonging to third parties or to use them. We have no control of websites or services by external factors, and any use of websites or services by factors as stated is at your responsibility only. We cannot bear responsibility with regards to the privacy policy of these websites. We are not responsible for the content available through websites or services of this type. We do not encourage or support services or offers by third parties, and accordingly, we ask our users to take precaution when using websites or services by third parties.
  16. Changes and Updates to this Privacy Policy
    Verifiedbuy may change and update the terms of this policy from time to time. Therefore, it is recommended to read this policy often. When making important changes to this policy, Verifiedbuy will present an appropriate notice on the Website or in your personal account, at Verifiedbuy's discretion, and these will enter into effect immediately after the first notice regarding them.

Inquiries to Us

You are welcome to send us requests, responses, questions and complaints, by sending a message to our email address : [email protected]