End User Agreement for the Receipt of Services for the Purchase/Sale and Conversion of Currency
  1. The terms of this agreement (“the Agreement”) should be read carefully prior to purchasing the service (as it is defined hereinafter), to which further terms are added as set forth in each of the following links:
    • The privacy policy
    (Hereinafter jointly, for the sake of convenience and order: “the VerifiedBuy Policies”).
  2. You hereby confirm that marking “I agree” shall constitute an approval that you have read the Agreement, including the VerifiedBuy Policies, have understood their content and have agreed to be subject to their terms.
  3. Without derogation to the foregoing, by using the Website, or by registering as a user on the Website, you agree to the VerifiedBuy Policies. If you do not agree to the terms of this Agreement and/or to the VerifiedBuy Policies, you must not use the Website.
  4. VerifiedBuy reserves its right to update the terms of this Agreement as well as the VerifiedBuy Policies, including the content on the Website, prices and such, from time to time, at its sole discretion and without having to give advance notice.
  5. The effectiveness of changes to the VerifiedBuy Policies, including changes to the terms of this Agreement and/or any other change, shall begin as of their publication on the Website (at their most updated version at any time) or by any other media such as notices sent to your email address.
  6. Your continued use of the service or the Website shows your consent to the amended terms. If you disagree with any of the amended terms, you must stop any further use of the Website or the service.
  7. We recommend reading the terms from time to time.
  8. Subject to the applicable law, you hereby waive any right or request which require a signature (which is not electronic) or the delivery of non-electronic documents.
  9. Use of the Website is permitted only for adults who are over the age of 18.
  10. Use of the Website does not constitute a substitute for receiving consultation services of any type whatsoever. Consult with an appropriate professional regarding any question you may have in order to receive loser adapted consultation.
  11. If you disagree with the terms of this Agreement, or if you are under the age of 18, please press the “disagree” button and/or avoid using the service and/or using the Website.
  12. The Service
    1. VerifiedBuy provides services of purchase and sale of cryptographic currency – Bitcoin and Ethereum (hereinafter: “the Supported Digital Currency”), via the Website and by way of converting non-digital currency (Euro and US Dollar only) and preforming transactions in the currency including digital currency (to and from various stock markets) around the world for the purpose of purchasing/selling Supported Digital Currency (hereinafter: “the Service”).
    2. For the avoidance of doubt:VerifiedBuy does not provide consultation on investments, tax or legal advisory. All transactions are performed for you automatically, based on the parameters of the order instructions, and you are solely responsible for determining whether any investment, investment strategy or related transaction suits you according to your personal investment goals, financial circumstances and risk tolerance. You must consult with your legal advisors or tax advisors regarding your specific situation.
    3. Conversion Services
      1. Eligible users may purchase or sell the Supported Digital Currency via the conversion services.
      2. The conversion services are subject to the VerifiedBuy “conversion rate” for the given transaction. It is hereby clarified that it is also possible to purchase Supported Digital Currency with EURO or USD, but subject to converting it to Dollars or Euros (hereinafter: “Double Conversion”).
      3. “Conversion Rate” means the price of a given quantity of Supported Digital Currency in terms of US Dollars or Euros only; or another digital currency as appears on the VerifiedBuy Website (“Currency”).
      4. The conversion rate is also referred to as “Purchase Price” or “Sale Price”, which is the price in terms of Currency or digital currency for which you may purchase or sell Supported Digital Currency via VerifiedBuy.
      5. You confirm that the conversion rate of the purchase price may not be identical to the conversion rate of the sale price at any given time, and that VerifiedBuy may add a gap or “Distribution” to the conversion rate appearing on the Website.as a condition for using the VerifiedBuy conversion services, you agree to accept the conversion rate as the exclusive conversion rate.VerifiedBuy reserves its right to withhold any transaction of conversion rate if it sees a risk of fraud or illegal activity.
      6. VerifiedBuy does not guarantee the availability of its conversion services, and the action of purchasing Supported Digital Currency by VerifiedBuy does not guarantee that you could sell the Supported Digital Currency to a third party.
      7. VerifiedBuy may refer you to a third party provider for remittance services, in such case, we waive our responsibility for any of the services rendered by the third party provider.
    4. Purchase Transactions
      1. After successfully completing the verification processes, you could purchase Supported Digital Currency by linking a legal method of payment. You authorize VerifiedBuy to initiate charges from the selected method of payment in the clearing of purchase transactions.
      2. Conversion commission (defined hereinafter) applies to all purchase transactions. Even though VerifiedBuy will attempt to provide you with the Supported Digital Currency as soon as possible, it is possible that funds will be charged from your selected method of payment before sending the digital currency to you VerifiedBuy account. We will do our best to fulfill all transactions, but in the rare circumstances where VerifiedBuy could not fulfill the purchase order, we will notify you.
      3. In order to guarantee the performance of your undertakings in accordance with this Agreement, you grant VerifiedBuy a pledge and security interest and the balances in your account.
      4. Proper disclosure: the rate of the Supported Digital Currency presented on the Website when ordering its purchase by us, may change until the date and time of its actual purchase by us and by third parties for you, according to the availability of the Supported Digital Currency for purchase, time differences, related to the transfer of considerations to third parties, including by transfers among themselves and additional circumstances, and we will not be responsible, whether directly or indirectly, to any loss and/or damage and/or expense, of any type whatsoever and for any reason whatsoever, related to exchange rate differentials in the digital currency; therefore, the order of services of purchasing the Supported Digital Currency by us, means your actual approval of the stated in this notice, as well as your approval, undertaking and declaration for absolute and final waiving of any argument and/or request and/or right and/or claim of any sort and type with regards to any loss and/or damage and/or expense of any type whatsoever and for any reason whatsoever, which are related to exchange rate differentials. Upon making the actual purchase, we will send you an email message regarding the time and date of the transaction, as well as the exchange rate for which the Supported Digital Currencywas actually purchased, all in complete transparency.
      5. Purchasing Currency via cash is subject to various transaction commissions given to you prior to confirming the transaction. The availability of each payment method depends on a number of factors, including, but not limited to, location, the identification details you provided us with, and the limitations imposed on the payment receivers for a third party.
    5. Sale Transactions
      1. After successfully completing the verification processes, you could sell the Supported Digital Currency by linking a legal method of payment. You authorize VerifiedBuy to initiate charges to the selected method of payment in the clearing of sale transactions.
      2. Relevant conversion commission (defined hereinafter) applies to all sale transaction. Receiving your funds will depend on the type of payment, and it may be up to three business days or more from the time of the actual sale until we receive the funds for you or you receive them directly into your account (as the case may be).
    6. Conversion Commission
      Each transaction in the conversion services is subject to commission (“Conversion Fees”). The relevant conversion commission is presented to you on the VerifiedBuy Website before completing a transaction of conversion services.
      VerifiedBuy will not perform a conversion transaction if the Conversion Fees and any other related commission, such as transfer fees, exceeds the value of your transaction.
      VerifiedBuy reserves the right to change its Conversion Fees. We will always notify you of the conversion commission applying to your transaction, both at the time of the transaction and in each receipt we produce for you.
    7. Clearing Costs
      VerifiedBuy will operate for you from receiving the funds for the purpose of locating Supported Digital Currency, converting the funds, and performing a purchase/sale transaction of Supported Digital Currency. VerifiedBuy acts to perform monetary transfers to third parties while clearing the funds between countries. Consequently, it is clear that the very clearing of the funds will have costs, and they will apply to you and will be paid by you as required. The clearing costs will be presented to you prior to ordering the Service, so that you may decide whether to use the VerifiedBuy in its entirety or not. By ordering the Service by us, you confirm and give your approval to the clearing costs as well.
    8. Cancelation Policy
      It is impossible to cancel or change a purchase/sale transaction marked as completed or pending. If your payment has failed or if your means of payment are insufficient, you authorize VerifiedBuy, at its sole discretion, to cancel the transaction or to charge your other methods of payment, including Currency balances or other related accounts, at any amount required to complete the transaction. You are responsible for keeping a proper balance and/or sufficient credit limits to prevent overdrafts, insufficient funds or similar commissions which you will be charged with by your payment supplier.
  13. Registration to the Website
    1. In order to purchase the Service (in this Agreement – the purchase or sale of cryptographic currency), the user must pre-register to the Website. In order to register to the Website you will be requested to provide the company with a few details about yourself.
    2. These details will include, among others, your full name, your ID number (or private company number or details of an authorized signatory in case of a company), your gender, your date of birth, credit card details, address for postal delivery, email address, and telephone/mobile phone number. In addition, you will be required to verify your identity by two ID cards and an ID card addendum.
    3. VerifiedBuy reserves the right to revise approving to open account for any reason whatsoever or to limit the number of account one user can create, all at its sole discretion.
    4. In addition, VerifiedBuy may offer trial registration for the Services.
    5. It shall be clarified, that entry to the personal zone will be made by a username and password which you will choose, and which will be issued for you upon registering to the Website, which you will have to change from time to time for security and secrecy.
    6. You hereby undertake to keep your username and password in complete secrecy and to avoid revealing them to others. Please ensure to change your password from time to time, and at least once every six months.
    7. The procedures, according to which the company acts in gathering and using the information given to it as stated, are specified under the “Privacy Policy” tab on the Website.
    8. Note that you must only provide real, complete and accurate details. False, incorrect or outdated information might prevent your registration and damage the ability of VerifiedBuy to provide you with the Service and to contract you.
    9. We will expressly state the mandatory fields for filling in upon registration. If you do not provide the necessary information in these fields, you will not be able to register and receive the Service. Without derogation to the foregoing, you are fully responsible for any outcome of your failure to provide real, accurate and complete details during the registration process.
    10. Any use of the username and password by you and/or by any other factor and/or person other than you, are your sole responsibility. By exposing your password to a third party you compromise your account security. You are responsible for keeping and securing your password and any other information which you provided during registration, and you must inform VerifiedBuy immediately of any unauthorized use of your account or your password. You are fully and solely responsible for the security of your computer and for all use and activity in your account, even if the use and the activity are not performed by you. VerifiedBuy will not bear responsibility for any damage or losses which will be caused due to unauthorized use of your account or your password, and you agree to compensate and indemnify VerifiedBuy and/or anyone on its behalf for any damage which will be caused due to inappropriate or illegal use of your account, including for any post which will be sent, and any consequent charges and taxes, unless you have notified us via email sent to [email protected] that your account was hacked, that you changed the entry details to the Website, you requested to block access to the account, and we had reasonable time to examine and respond to your notice accordingly. This includes illegal or inappropriate use by anyone who has received your permission to use your account. We do not enforce and cannot guarantee to know in advance or prevent any inappropriate use of the Services or the Website.
    11. VerifiedBuy reserves the right to suspend, revoke or refuse to provide the Service it provides you on the Website, in any case of providing information which is false, outdated, incomplete or inaccurate, or where VerifiedBuy believes there is concern of attempted fraud (“Faulty Information”) upon registration or thereafter, or if VerifiedBuy has reasonable grounds to assume that you provided it with Faulty Information, with or without advance notice.
  14. KYC – Know Your Client
    1. The provision of the Service via VerifiedBuy is subject to filling a KYC (know your client) form, without which it will be impossible to provide you with the Service. VerifiedBuy acts in accordance with severe compliance rules, being a reporting financial institution, therefore you are required to act as per VerifiedBuy’s instructions with regards to performing the Service and providing information as required in the KYC form.
    2. Providing information for the purpose of using the Website or the Services depends on your desire and consent, and you have no legal duty to provide information as stated. You declare that by opening the account and providing details for filling the KYC form and by using the Website, you provide information out of your free will and with your free and full consent.
    3. If you are not interested in providing information as stated, do not use the Website or the Services. Information as stated is required for verifying your identity, mailing and having direct contact with you, improving data, providing the Services, as well as for complying with various provisions of the law.
    4. We may request you to send additional information about yourself or your business, provide records, and arrange meetings with the VerifiedBuy team (this process: “Improved Due Diligence”). VerifiedBuy reserves the right to charge you with consequent costs.
    5. You declare, approve and agree that VerifiedBuy may be entitled to report details about you and/or the Service and/or the transaction which you will perform by it and/or details out of the KYC form filled by you, directly to relevant authorities and/or enforcement factors (global), and you declare, confirm and undertake that you do not and will not have any arguments and/or requests and/or claims with regards to a report as stated, whether it is based on a judicial order and/or the request of any authority and/or by any law and/or at the absolute and sole discretion of VerifiedBuy.
  15. General Use, Forbidden Use, Termination and Account Closure
    1. Limited License. We grant you a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferrable license, subject to the terms of this Agreement, to access the VerifiedBuy Website and to use it, as well as the content, materials, related information (jointly: “the Content”), only for approved purposes, as permitted by VerifiedBuy from time to time. Any other use of the VerifiedBuy Website or the Content is strictly forbidden and any other right, ownership and interest in the Website or in VerifiedBuy belong solely to VerifiedBuy and its license providers. You agree to not copy, broadcast, distribute, sell, grant a license, reverse-engineer, factorize, or attempt to produce the source code of the software providing the Services or the Website, to alter, advertise or participate in a transfer or sale, create derivative works, or in any other way exploit the Content, fully or partly. “VerifiedBuy”, “VerifiedBuy.com” and all marks related to VerifiedBuy Services or presented on the VerifiedBuy Website are trademarks or registered marks of VerifiedBuy or its license providers. You are not entitled to copy, imitate or use them without the pre-written consent of VerifiedBuy.
      Without derogation to the foregoing, you are not entitled to perform, or assist others in performing the following actions: (a) attempting to stop or bypass any entry or use security mechanism of the Website or the Services, or (b) planning or performing or assisting in the planning of fraud, exploitation, automation software, robots, hacking, upgrades or any other unauthorized third party software which interferes or alters the Service and/or the Content on the Website.
    2. Website Accuracy. Even though we intend on providing accurate information on the VerifiedBuy Website, the VerifiedBuy Website (including, without limiting, the Content), may not be completely accurate, complete or updated, and may also include technical inaccuracies or typos. In an effort to continue providing you with complete and accurate information as much as possible, the information may change or be updated from time to time without advance notice, including, without limiting, information regarding the Policies, our products and our Services. Therefore, you must verify all information before relying on it, and all decisions based on information included on the VerifiedBuyWebsite are under your exclusive responsibility and we will not have any responsibility for these decisions. Links to third party materials (including websites, without limiting) may be provided as convenience but are not in our control. You confirm and agree that we are not responsible for any aspect of information, Content or Services included in third party materials or any third party websites, which are accessible or linked to the VerifiedBuy Website.
    3. Third Party Applications. If, to the extent permitted by VerifiedBuy from time to time, you grant an express permission to a third party to access or connect to your VerifiedBuy account, whether by a third party product or service or via the VerifiedBuy Website, you confirm that giving a third party the authorization to take specific actions in your name does not release you of any responsibility whatsoever in accordance with this Agreement. You are fully responsible for all actions or omissions by any third party with an access to your VerifiedBuy account. In addition, you agree and confirm that you will not hold VerifiedBuy responsible, and you will indemnify VerifiedBuy for any liability which is consequent or related to any action or omission by any third party with access to your VerifiedBuy account.
    4. Forbidden Use. With regards to your use of the VerifiedBuy Services, you agree and declare that you will not deal in any forbidden business or forbidden use defined herein. We reserve the right to supervise, review, keep and/or expose at all times, any information as necessary, in order to uphold the provisions of any law, regulations, sanctions plan, legal proceeding or administrative application. We reserve the right to cancel and/or suspend your VerifiedBuy account and/or to block transactions or freeze funds immediately and without notice if we determine, at our sole discretion, that your account is related to forbidden use and/or forbidden business.
      Without derogation to the foregoing, you hereby agree that you will not: (a) solicit another to give you their password or other private information under false pretense; (b) impersonate another user, or alternatively distort your identity in any manner whatsoever, whether before another user, before us or otherwise; (c) infringe the legal rights of others, including slander, exploitation, harassment or threatening users; (d) injure the intellectual property rights, privacy rights, moral rights of any third party; (e) violate laws, rules or regulations; (f) sabotage, cause the stop or disrupt characteristics and features regarding the security of the Website or the Services or characteristics and features which prevent or limit the use or copy of any Content on the Website; or (g) take any action which will exert unreasonable or non-proportional load on the Website infrastructure; or intervene in a harmful manner, intercept, damage or expropriate any system, data or information whatsoever of the Website or the Services. Violating these prohibitions will constitute cause for immediately closing your account, and taking legal actions by VerifiedBuy Currencies PLC in accordance with any law.
    5. Export and Sanctions. Your use of the VerifiedBuy Services and the VerifiedBuy Website is subject to international export controls and financial export requirements. By sending, receiving, purchasing, selling, trading or storing digital currency via the VerifiedBuy Website or the VerifiedBuy Services (subject to the availability of the aforementioned Services), you declare and undertake that you will join these requirements. Without limiting the foregoing, you are not entitled to purchase the digital currency or use VerifiedBuy Services via the VerifiedBuy Website if:
      1. You are in control of a citizen or resident of Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan or Syria or any other country subject to US embargo, UN sanctions, the HM financial sanctions regime, or if you are on the list of specific citizens by the US Ministry of Finances or the list of people denied by the US Ministry of Trade, a non-verified list, the financial sanctions regime of the Ministry of Finances; or
      2. You intend on supplying any digital currency purchased or stored, or currency services, to Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan or Syria or any other country subject to US embargo orthe HM financial sanctions regime (or to a citizen or resident of any of these countries), or to a person on the list of specific persons, the list of denied persons, the non-verified list, the list of entities of the financial sanctions regime of HM.
  16. Suspension, Termination and Revocation
    Without derogation to the foregoing concerning forbidden uses and limitations, VerifiedBuy is entitled and reserves the right:
    1. To suspend, limit or stop your access to all or any of the VerifiedBuy Services and/or
    2. To revoke or cancel your VerifiedBuy account if:
      1. We are requested to do so by a legal order, a court order or a binding order by a government authority; or
      2. We have reasonable suspicion that you use your VerifiedBuy account with regards to forbidden use or a forbidden business; or
      3. The violation of the words or meaning of these terms; or
      4. There is concern of fraud, harassment or harmful conduct; or
      5. There is concern of conduct which damages other users, third parties, or the business interests of VerifiedBuy;
      6. The use of your VerifiedBuy account is subject to any pending legal discussion, investigation or government proceeding, or if we see an increased risk for legal or regulatory non-compliance which is related to the activity in your account; or
      7. Our Service partners cannot support your use; or
      8. You violate the VerifiedBuy Policies;
    3. Without derogation to the foregoing, VerifiedBuy reserves the right to refuse to perform, or to cancel money transfers, purchases or sales of the digital currency and any other action you performed in your account, as well as to offset from the balance in your account, including Euro, USD and/or Bitcoin, if it is impossible to collect the funds from your method of payment, or if they were not collected or approved, all at its sole discretion, even after billing your account, if VerifiedBuy suspects that the transaction involves (or if there is a high risk that it involves) money laundering, financing terror, fraud or any other type of financial crime including, and without limiting, abuse of the Services and/or there is reasonable concern for a violation of the law; in response to a subpoena, court order or other government order; in order to guarantee the credibility of these funds;
    4. If VerifiedBuy suspends or closes your account or terminates the use of the VerifiedBuy Services for any reason whatsoever, we will notify you of our actions, unless a court order or other legal proceeding forbids VerifiedBuy from notifying you as stated. You confirm that VerifiedBuy’s decision to take certain actions, including limiting access, suspending or closing your account, may be based on secret criteria which are vital for the VerifiedBuy risk management and its security protocols. You agree that VerifiedBuy is not obligated to expose to you the details of its risk management and security protocols.
    5. As much as possible, and upon closing your account, we will provide you with access to the digital currency remaining in your account, as of the day of closing, unless VerifiedBuy decides, at its sole and reasonable discretion, that the digital currency remaining in your account is required to compensate it for the damage caused as a result of your violation of the provisions and terms of this Agreement, or in accordance with legal advisory which will determine that returning the digital currency does not coincide with the requirements of the law or the regulations. Following your request, VerifiedBuy will close your account.Furthermore, VerifiedBuy reserves its right to close any account which has been inactive for more than 180 days.
    6. If VerifiedBuy decides, at its sole discretion, that a violation of these terms, or any inappropriate or illegal activity have occurred, it may, and is authorized to take any other corrective action it sees fit.
    7. VerifiedBuy reserves the right to investigate and track any activity suspected of violating lease terms or any other inappropriate or illegal activity, while using the Website or the Services. Without derogation to the foregoing, VerifiedBuy will fully cooperate with all law enforcement factors or court orders requesting or instructing it to expose the identity of a user who has violated these terms or who was involved in illegal activity by using the Website, including exposing any information in our possession to these enforcement authorities.
    8. You may request, at any time and for any reason whatsoever, close your account on the VerifiedBuy Website by sending an email to [email protected] It is hereby clarified, that any suspension, closing or canceling of the account will not change your undertakings in accordance with this Agreement and/or by any law towards VerifiedBuy including your undertakings for payment and/or your undertaking to the VerifiedBuy Policies, indemnifying and limiting the liability of VerifiedBuy in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement above.
  17. Amendments and Changes to the Website
    1. VerifiedBuy does not undertake that the Service which is the subject of this Agreement will continue to be offered.
    2. VerifiedBuy reserves the right to change the structure, appearance and offered Service, its scope and availability and any other aspect related to it, all without the need to notify the user in advance.
    3. By nature, these changes may involve errors and such. It is hereby agreed that you shall not have any argument, claim or request towards VerifiedBuy and/or anyone on its behalf for making changes as a stated and/or errors which will occur while performing them.
    4. VerifiedBuy shall bear no liability, in any case and for any legal cause whatsoever, weather pursuant to a contractual, tort, or any other cause, towards yourself or towards anybody else, for any direct, indirect, special, punitive or incidental damage of any type whatsoever which is related to the Services, the use of the Website or the lack of option to use it, including, among others, distress, compensation for damage to reputation, loss of business income, close of business information, cessation of work, the collapse of a computer or computer problems, or any other commercial damage or loss, even if VerifiedBuy has received a notice regarding the possibility of the existence of such damages, and shall bear no responsibility for any claim by any third party.Without derogation to the generality of the foregoing, in any case, the maximal aggregate liability of VerifiedBuy (whether by contract, tort or any other form of liability) for compensation or loss due to these terms of use or related to them, including the use or the inability to use the Website, will be no higher and the amount of the order of the relevant Service regarding the occurrence of the damage (and in the absence of a relevant order, the amount of the last order made by you).
    5. The user is aware that VerifiedBuy has agreed to engage with the user on the basis of limiting this liability and that VerifiedBuy relies on it.
  18. Taxes
    1. It is your sole responsibility to determine if and to what extent taxes apply to any transaction you perform using the VerifiedBuy Services, and to prevent, gather, report and pay the appropriate taxes to the relevant tax authorities. Your transaction history is available via your VerifiedBuy account.
    2. VerifiedBuy and/or anyone on its behalf are not responsible to determine whether taxes apply for your actions, or to gather, deduct, report or pay any taxes whatsoever resulting from any action whatsoever.
    3. We hereby recommend you to consult with an accountant or attorney on these matters. You declare and confirm that VerifiedBuy shall be entitled to deduct from the balance in your account taxes and or levies, including deduction of tax at source, required by any law, if they will apply, and you will have no arguments regarding deductions as stated towards VerifiedBuy.
    4. If VerifiedBuy or anyone on its behalf will be required by tax authorities in Costa Rica and/or outside of Costa Rica, to pay any taxes whatsoever and/or to bear financial burden for the, for actions you performed and which were not deducted at source from your account by VerifiedBuy for any reason whatsoever, you hereby agree to compensate and indemnify VerifiedBuy for the full payment VerifiedBuy will be required to pay and/or the financial burden it will have to bear as stated within 14 business days, including due to linkage differentials, interest and fines imposed on VerifiedBuy or anyone on its behalf, if any will be imposed.
    5. You hereby agree to receive digital bills and documents directly into your account via email and/or a notice in your account.
  19. Non-Requested Property
    If VerifiedBuy holds funds in your account, and VerifiedBuy cannot contact you and has no documentation of your use of the Services for several years, the applicable law may request VerifiedBuy to report these finds as a non-requested feature at the relevant discretion. In this case, VerifiedBuy will attempt to locate you using the address in our records, but if VerifiedBuy fails to locate you, it is possible that you will be required to transfer these funds for application or the jurisdiction authority as a non-requested feature. VerifiedBuy reserves the right to deduct fraud feesor other administrative charges from non-requested principles, as permitted by the applicable law.
  20. Limited Liability
    1. Computer Viruses. VerifiedBuy takes reasonable effort in order to guarantee that its technology keeps your digital currency in a safe and secure manner. However, there is no electronic storage system or mechanism which are 100% safe. Consequently, while we take acceptable means of security to keep your personal information, we cannot guarantee its absolute security.
      We do not take any responsibility for any damage or disruption caused by computer viruses, spyware, trojan horses, worms or other malicious software which might affect your computer or other equipment, or any impersonation, forgery, or other attacks. We advise you to perform virus checks and software prevention. In addition, you should be aware that SMS services and email services are exposed to forgery and phishing, and use them while checking notices originating in VerifiedBuy. Always enter your VerifiedBuy account via the VerifiedBuy Website to view all transactions or required actions if you are uncertain regarding the authenticity of any notice.
    2. Releasing VerifiedBuy, Indemnification. If you have a dispute with one or more users of the VerifiedBuy Services, you release VerifiedBuy, its partners and service providers, and any of their officers, directors, agents, business partners, employees and representatives of any argument, request and damage (actual and consequential) of any type whatsoever resulting from or otherwise related to these disputes. You agree to indemnify and hold VerifiedBuy, its affiliates and service providers, and any position holder, director, agent, joint operators, its employees and representatives, harmless of any claim or request (including attorney fees and any fine, commission, or penalty imposed by any regulatory authority) which are the result of or related to the violation of this Agreement or the violation of any law, regulation or third party rights whatsoever.
    3. Limited Liability. In any case no partner, secondary supplier and service provider, or any manager, director, agent, joint operators, employees or representative, shall not be responsible (a) for any amount larger than the value of the Supported Digital Currency on you client deposit or (b) for any loss of profit or any special, coincidental, indirect, intangible or consequential damages, whether based on a contract, torts, negligence, increased liability or otherwise, resulting from or related to an authorization or without the permission of use of the VerifiedBuy Website or the VerifiedBuy Services or this Agreement, even if a qualified agent by the buyer was advertised by or had knowledge of or was aware of the possibility of such damages.Namely, for example only – if you argue that you failed a purchase or sale process, your damages are limited to no more than the value of the Supported Digital Currency, and you are not entitled to return profits for loss of profit, loss of business opportunities or other types of special, coincidental, indirect, intangible or consequential damages as a result of the change of value of the Supported Digital Currency.
    4. VerifiedBuy and/or anyone on its behalf do not undertake and/or are not responsible for the value of the Supported Digital Currency. On the contrary, VerifiedBuy expressly clarifies that the value and/or exchange rate and/or price of the Supported Digital Currency, may decrease or change in an immediate and rapid manner, and may even drop to zero value. Therefore your declare, confirm and undertake that the possession or use of the Supported Digital Currency by you (including by us) are at a high risk, and VerifiedBuy will not be responsible in any manner for any damage and/or loss or profit and/or loss of income and/or any expense and/or deficiency of any type whatsoever which will be caused to you (if any will be caused) as a direct or indirect result of the decrease in the exchange rate or loss of value of the Supported Digital Currency, and you hereby confirm, declare and undertake that you do not and will not have any arguments and/or request and/or claims towards VerifiedBuy and/or anyone on its behalf with regards to the loss of value and/or damage and/or loss of income/profit and/or deficiency and/or expense related to the decrease in the value of the Supported Digital Currency at any time whatsoever, from the time of ordering the Services for its purchase, throughout holding it and until its actual sale.
    5. VerifiedBuy does not represent the accuracy or completeness of exchange rate data of currency and/or digital currency, current and/or historic, available on the Website. VerifiedBuy will make reasonable effort in order to perform transactions of sale or purchase of digital currency as early as possible, however VerifiedBuy does not make and presentations and is not responsible with regards to the time required to complete the transaction (purchase/sale) which depends on many factors out of our control.
    6. Besides this, and as set forth in these terms of use, your use of the Website, the Services and the information appearing therein is under your responsibility and at your discretion only. The Website and the Services are provided as-available and as-is at a given time, without any undertakings or liabilities whatsoever.
    7. VerifiedBuy is not obligated, and expressly releases itself of any implied or statutory liability, in any manner whatsoever with regards to the use you make of the Website and/or the Content and/or the information included therein and/or from performing the actual transactions. VerifiedBuy and/or anyone on its behalf do not advise in any manner whatsoever regarding the risk, worthwhileness, or adjustment of a transaction, transaction strategy or investment of any type whatsoever. VerifiedBuy is not responsible with regards to decisions of investment and/or purchase and/or sale you have received, and you declare that you alone are solely responsible for estimating the selection of your investment or trade activities (purchase or sale) and the strategies you have taken, and in light of this, you do not and will not have any arguments and/or requests and/or claims towards VerifiedBuy and/or anyone on its behalf with regards to actions you will perform by it and/or by the Website, including with regards to the information you rely on prior to making a transaction of purchase or sale of Supported Digital Currency.
    8. Any advice or information, whether written or oral, which you received from VerifiedBuy and/or anyone on its behalf, shall not be considered taking any responsibility whatsoever, unless expressly stated in these terms.
    9. If you have selected to rely on information appearing on the Website and/or information given to you by VerifiedBuy and/or anyone on its behalf, including its employees, partners, related companies, position holders therein and/or its shareholders, you do so at your responsibility and you bear the risk involved in the quality of the information and its implication of performing any action, when the stated is solely your responsibility.
    10. VerifiedBuy is not responsible for any problem or technical issue with a telephone line or network, online computer systems, servers or suppliers, computer equipment, software, email failure due to technical problems or high traffic online or on the Website or the Services or a combination thereof, including any injury or damage to users or any other person related to the person to whom the computer belongs, or which are caused due to downloading or participating in content related to the Website or the Service.VerifiedBuy will not bear responsibility, regardless of circumstances for their conduct and the conduct of third parties, including users of the Website or the Services, whether online or not, and including operators of external websites.
    11. VerifiedBuy and/or its position holders and/or its directors and/or its employees and/or its agents will not be responsible towards you, regardless of circumstances, due to indirect, coincidental, special, punitive or consequential damage, caused due to a direct of indirect relation to your use of the Website or Services, whether the damages were predictable or not, and whether VerifiedBuy received information of the possibility of the occurrence of these damages or not. The liability limit of the aforementioned will apply at the widest extent permitted by law within the jurisdiction of the state of Costa Rica. In any case, the aggregate liability of VerifiedBuy towards you will not be beyond the highest among: (a) the amount required in order to return to you the amount of the Supported Digital Currency which was lost or is unavailable due to deliberate misconduct or gross negligence by VerifiedBuy or (b) amount you paid directly to VerifiedBuy within the 12 months prior to filing a suitable claim.
  21. Related Websites
    The Website or the Services may include links or advertisements to websites, services or resources by third parties. These websites may contain links to the Services or the Website. We ask our users to take special precaution when using third party websites. We have no control of these websites, their services or resources, and you are solely responsible for using them. In addition, we do not bear responsivity for any payment made by or transferred by these third party websites. You hereby declare and agree that we are not responsible for the availability of these websites or resources, which may gather information or cause you to provide personal information, and we do not bear any responsibility or liability whatsoever for advertisements, products or other materials available on these websites. Third parties provide their own terms of use, instructions and privacy policies, therefor any argument regarding the services provided or the content presented by them, will be referred to that third party alone.
  22. Indemnification
    You hereby agree to compensate and indemnify VerifiedBuy, including its employees, directors, position holders, subcontractors, its partners and/or anyone on its behalf against claims and/or damages and/t costs and/or expenses including reasonable attorney fees, which will be caused directly or indirectly due to: (a) your violation of these terms; and/or (b) your violation of laws or regulations; and/or (c) your violation of any third party rights whatsoever; and/or (d) for any other matter for which you are responsible under these terms or by law. You hereby agree that your use of the Website and the ordering of the Service will be in accordance with all acceptable laws, regulations and instructions by authorities and government offices.
  23. Compatibility and Compliance
    1. Digital currency is an innovative method of payment. Laws and regulations pertaining to Digital currency and Supported Digital Currency and/or any digital currency which VerifiedBuy will support in the future, as well as the Service given via VerifiedBuy, may change from time to time without advance notice. VerifiedBuy will comply with all relevant laws and regulations which will apply with regards to all currency, digital and non-digital. You understand that laws or regulations ay lead to changes in the Service and/or the terms of this Agreement and/or the VerifiedBuy Policies. Accordingly, and without derogation to the forgoing, VerifiedBuy may change the Service or the terms of this Agreement and/or the VerifiedBuy Policies at any time effective immediately, in order to meet and comply with laws and regulations and/or any other relevant legislation, and you hereby waive any argument and/or request and/or claim and/or right pertaining to a change in the stated circumstances.
    2. VerifiedBuy may perform an arranged stop of the Website before new laws or regulations enter into effect. You hereby agree to comply with all relevant laws and regulations including, but not limited to, filling required forms or providing any necessary information (including information required under any regulations whatsoever pursuant to the prohibition of money laundering and/or under any tax laws whatsoever), which you were required to provide to VerifiedBuy in a reasonable manner. Failure to meet the requirements of relevant laws and regulations, or failure to provide required information or documents may, without contradicting the foregoing under these circumstances, lead to closing your account, and as required by law or at the discretion of VerifiedBuy-Currencies.com regarding the need to protect its commercial and legal rights, and may also lead to the forfeiture and/or suspension and/or freezing of your account and its content or the application of any temporary limitations to your account, all this at the sole discretion of VerifiedBuy as it shall see as beneficial and necessary in order to meet the requirements of any law.
  24. Miscellaneous
    1. If it is decided in a judgement or a final and inclusive judicial decision, that any part of this Agreement and/or the VerifiedBuy Policies are invalid, that part alone shall become null and all other parts of this Agreement and the VerifiedBuy Policies shall remain effective and shall continue to bind you.
    2. The user declares and agrees that the terms of this Agreement and the VerifiedBuy Policies should be given the widest interpretation and application in order to uphold them or any part thereof.
    3. The VerifiedBuy Policies are added to the provisions of this Agreement and constitute an inseparable part thereof. In case of discrepancy between the VerifiedBuy Policies and the provisions of this Agreement – the terms of this Agreement shall prevail.
    4. Laws and Dispute Resolution the laws of the state of Costa Rica alone shall apply to this Agreement. The exclusive venue for all matters pertaining to the provisions of this Agreement and the VerifiedBuy Policies and all that is pursuant and/or related thereto shall be only in one of the competent courts in Costa Rica.
    5. Amendments. We are entitled to amend or change this Agreement by publication on the VerifiedBuy Website or by sending you an email with the amended Agreement; the amended Agreement shall enter into effect at that time.
    6. The Entire Agreement. This Agreement, the privacy policy, the E-Sign Agreement and appendixes bound by this reference, constitute the entire understanding and agreement between you and VerifiedBuy with regards to this subject, and replace any previous presentation and/or promise and/or undertaking and/or discussion and/or agreement and/or document and understandings of any type whatsoever (including, without limitation, all previous versions of this Agreement).
    7. You are not entitled to allocate rights and/or licenses given in the framework of this Agreement. We reserve the right to allocate our rights without limitation, including, without limitation, to partners or subsidiaries of VerifiedBuy. Any attempt of transfer or allocation while violating this provision shall be null and void.
    8. Severance. If any term of this Agreement shall be ruled as illegal or unenforceable under any law or regulation or government instruction, this provision shall be changed and shall be interpreted in order to achieve the goals of the provisions to the maximal extent possible by any relevant and effective law, or the ability to enforce any other provision of this Agreement shall not be affected.
    9. Change of Control. In case VerifiedBuy will be purchased or merged with a third party entity, we reserve the right, in all these circumstances, to transfer or allocate the information we have gathered from you as part of a merger, purchase, sale or any other change of control.
    10. Survivability. All terms of this Agreement, which by nature, extend beyond the expiry or termination of this Agreement, including, without limitation, clauses related to suspension or termination, the cancelation of a VerifiedBuy account, monetary debt, general use of the VerifiedBuy Website, disputes with VerifiedBuy, as well as general provisions, shall survive the termination or expiry of this Agreement.
    11. Force Majeure. We shall not be responsible for delays, failures in execution or the cessation of the Service, which result directly or indirectly for any reason or situation which are beyond our reasonable control, including, but not limited to, any delay or failure due to force majeure, civil action, military action, terrorist attacks, civil disruptions, war, struck or other labor dispute, fire, disruption to communication or internet services or the services of a network supplier, failure in equipment and/or software, other disaster or any other occurrence which is beyond reasonable control.